Morning Musume ’18 members popularity ranking!


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Do you know what members of Morning Musume’18 are popular in Japan?

I will show you who is popular in Morning Musume’18 in Japan!


What is Morning Musume。’18 now?

Current Morning Musume is active under the name of Morning Musume ’18.

Since 2014, Morning Musume came to attach a year to the name after the name. At first it was hardly accepted. But now, We accept.

Current members are active with 13 people. Member details of Morning Musume’18 here!(Sorry but still Japanese!)

Popularity ranking of Morning musume’18’s individual handshake meeting

One of the popularity barometer is the handshake meeting.

Let ‘s see from the price of the amount of money per handshake ticket in Yahoo auction.

Ranking Member Average
1 Maria Makino $21.8
2 Mizuki Fukumura $20.6
3 Chisaki Morito $17.2
4 Ayumi Ishida $16.6
5 Masaki Sato $16.2
6 Haruna Ogata $16.1
7 Erina Ikuta $14.1
8 Miki Nonaka $13.1
9 Sakura Oda $12.6
10 Reina Yokoyama $8.0
11 Kaede Kaga $7.6
12 Akane Haga $7.5
13 Haruna Iikubo $7.3

The most popular handshake meeting is Makino Maria

The most popular handshake meeting is Makino Maria.

Maria is always sincere reaction. And she responds to the request of pose such as “Marian Love Rin”.

Popularity ranking of Twitter

Currently it is an essential SNS to do activities Twitter.

I selected 500 people from the follower of Morning Musume’s official account(@MorningMusumeMg) and totalized the fans.

Ranking Member Ratio Number
1 Masaki Sato 22% 108
2 Sakura Oda 13% 67
3 Ayumi Ishida 10% 51
4 Maria Makino 8% 38
5 Erina Ikuta 7% 37
6 Haruna Ogata 7% 36
7 Miki Nonaka 7% 35
8 Reina Yokoyama 7% 34
9 Mizuki Fukumura 5% 26
10 Chisaki Morito 4% 22
11 Kaede Kaga 4% 18
12 Haruna Iikubo 3% 14
12 Akane Haga 3% 14

The most popular among Twitter users is Masaki Sato.

The most popular among Morning Musume’18 on Twitter is Masaki Sato!

Masaki Sato is especially popular among Twitter’s main users, teens and twenties.

It will be attracted to its innocent character and performance on the stage.

Ranking of the number of likes member official blog

Morning musume ’18 member has official blog.

I totalized the average of the number of likes blog posts of each member from March to April 2018.

Member’s blog is summarized here!(Sorry it’s still japanese!)

Let’s go ranking!

Ranking Member Average of likes
1 Masaki Sato 1500.5
2 Sakura Oda 975.4
3 Chisaki Morito 972.4
4 Ayumi Ishida 940.1
5 Mizuki Fukumura 834.9
6 Kaede Kaga 831.9
7 Reina Yokoyama 812.9
8 Haruna Iikubo 803.9
9 Haruna Ogata 797.3
10 Erina Ikuta 783.6
11 Maria Makino 758.8
12 Akane Haga 722.1
13 Miki Nonaka 677.1

Masaki Sato is No.1 blog of Like!

Maachan has few posts, Like is easy to focus on one post.

Maachan is fully demonstrating its innocence in blogs as well.

Total popularity ranking of Morningmusume’18

Total ranking which sums up the above three rankings is here!

  • No.1:Masaki Sato
  • No.2:Ayumi Ishida
  • No.3:Sakura Oda
  • No.4:Maria Makino
  • No.5:Mizuki Fukumura
  • No.6:Chisaki Morito
  • No.7:Haruna Ogata
  • No.8:Erina Ikuta
  • No.9:Reina Yokoyama
  • No.10:Miki Nonaka
  • No.11:Kaede Kaga
  • No.12:Haruna Iikubo
  • No.13:Akane Haga

Morning Musume’18 member ranking details

I will explain in detail of Morningmusume’18 member general popularity ranking!

No.13:Akane Haga

  • Nickname:Akanechin, Nechin
  • 12th member
  • Born from Nagano, Japan
  • Birthday:March 7, 2002

The charm of Akanechin is power of sister! The most young member in Morningmusme’18!

But she is the eldest daughter at house. This fact will fascinate us!

And beautiful enough to envy members as well!

Fans said that second Sayumi Michishige.

Akane’s fan are a lot of elderly fan.

No.12:Haruna Iikubo

  • Nickname:Harunan
  • 10th member
  • Born from Tokyo, Japan
  • Birthday:November 7, 1994

Harunan is the oldest member of Morningmusume’18! And Sub leader of Morningmusume’18!

Harunan is good at talking. Harunan has a nice style and is beautiful!

Harunan has outstanding communication skills!

No.11:Kaede Kaga

  • Nickname:Kaedy
  • 13th member
  • Born from Tokyo, Japan
  • Birthday:November 30, 1999

Kaedy is a boyish look that is popular from women!

She had a very long time as a hello project trainee.、Also her character is very serious.

No.10:Miki Nonaka

  • Nickname:Chel
  • 12th member
  • Born from Shizuoka, Japan
  • Birthday:October 7, 1999

Miki was in the United States for eight years. So English is very good at it!

She is chosen as an ambassador of Rakuten NBA and interviewed NBA’s star player.

She is attractive with its familiar looks.

No.9:Reina Yokoyama

  • Nickname:Yokoyan、Reina
  • 13th member
  • Born from Saitama, Japan
  • Birthday:February 22, 2001

Yokoyan’s charm is cute smile! We are attracted to her smile!

Actually, super elite that it is chosen as Morningmusume in half a year after joining Hello project trainee!

And on the first tour the dance also caught up with other members firmly!

It is said that her smile resembles Kamei Eri.

No.8:Erina Ikuta

  • Nickname:Eripon
  • 9th member
  • Born from Fukuoka, Japan
  • Birthday:July 7, 1997

Eripon is sub leader of Morningmusume’18.

Eripon is also called an iron man because it can not down whatever happens.

Eripon is preeminent exercise. Eripon also performs handsprings at concerts.

No.7:Haruna Ogata

  • Nickname:Haachin
  • 12th member
  • Born from Osaka, Japan
  • Birthday:February 15, 1999

Although Haachin is not good at singing and dancing, she is cute anyway!

And she is smart and correspondence at the handshake meeting is also very good.

But such a Haachin graduated from this spring tour!!!

No.6:Chisaki Morito

  • Nickname:chiichan
  • 14th member
  • Born from Tochigi, Japan
  • Birthday:February 19, 2000

Chiichan’s charm is that cute!

Chiichan joined the Morning Musume in June 2017 in a concurrent position with country girls.

She can be an ace with Morning Musume!

No.5:Mizuki Fukumura

  • Nickname:Fukuchan
  • 9th member
  • Born from Tokyo, Japan
  • Birthday:October 30, 1996

Fukuchan is leader of Morningmusume’18.

Her charm is all sexy!

And she is empathizing with herself being an intense Hello project fan.

Fukuchan is friendly to anyone at the handshake meeting and good correspondence.

No.4:Maria Makino

  • Nickname:Maria
  • 12th member
  • Born from Aichi, Japan
  • Birthday:February 2, 2001

Maria is just cute! And the pure and straight character is popular reason!

She is eager to study everything and incorporates it, aiming for “the strongest Maria”.

She also creates the character “Marian LOVE Rin” and it also has a high level of idle power to do it…

No.3:Sakura Oda

  • Nickname:Sakura
  • 11th member
  • Born from Kanagawa, Japan
  • Birthday:March 12, 1999

The reason why Sakura is popular is Morning Musume’18 Number One’s singing voice and humble character!

More recently she is getting more sexy!

Moreover, she has a unique philosophy and suddenly bursts “Sakura theory” at the time of interview!

No.2:Ayumi Ishida

  • NIckname:Ayumin
  • 12th member
  • Born from Miyagi, Japan
  • Birthday:January 7, 1997

Ayumin’s charm is charming and dance!

Her personality is very serious and stoic. She also updates blogs everyday, Moreover, she is a strong spirit of service.

No.1:Masaki Sato

  • Nickname:Maachan
  • 12th member
  • Born from Hokkaido, Japan
  • Birthday:May 7, 1999

Maachan’s charm is that its innocent character!And that singing ability! She is now a substantial Morning Musume’18 Ace!

She is popular from women of the same age overwhelming!



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